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The winners & losers of 2007.

After each election cycle, Campaigns & Elections presents the win-loss records of political consultants across the nation. The main list ran in our December 2007 issue. Here are some additions to the list.


Explanation of Codes:

W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or consultant/vendor was NOT involved in primary)

L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or consultant/vendor was NOT involved in primary)

W/W = Won a competitive primary AND the general election

W/L = Won a competitive primary BUT lost the general election

Lp = Lost the primary/party nomination

* = There was no run-off or general election
CAMCO Consulting/R -- direct mail

Bill Belt, LA, State Senate L/*
Mike Walsworth, LA, State Senate W/*
Elton Aubert, LA, State Rep. W/*
Ed Clarke, LA, State Rep. L/*
Page Cortez, LA, State Rep. W/*
Greg Cromer, LA, State Rep W/*
James David Cain, LA, State Rep. W/L
Jim Fannin, LA, State Rep. W/*
Nita Hutter, LA, State Rep. W/*
Raymond Lalonde, LA, State Rep. W/L
Scott Masson, LA, State Rep. L/*
Jonathan Perry, LA, State Rep. W/*
Victor Jones, LA, Natchitoches Sheriff W/*
Junior Rodriguez, LA, St. Bernard Parish President W/L
Bill Hubbard, LA, St. John Parish President W/W
Steve Guidry, LA, St. John Parish Sheriff L/*
Jared Bellard, LA, Lafayette Parish Council W/W
LA Committee for a Republican Majority, I-E for:
 Rick Nowlin, LA, State Rep. W/W
 Mitch Theriot, LA, State Rep. W/L
Louisianaians United for Reform, I-E for:
 Noble Ellington, LA, State Rep. W/W
LA Association of Business & Industry (WESTPAC), I-E
 John Smith, LA, Senate W/W
 Dan Morrish, LA, Senate W/W
LA Association of Business & Industry (NORTHPAC),
 I-E for:
 Neal Riser, LA, Senate W/W
LA Association of Business & Industry (EASTPAC), I-E
 Jason DeCuir, LA, Senate W/L

Joe Slade White and Company/D -- General
Phil Gordon (in), AZ, Phoenix Mayor W
Michael Lamb, PA, Pittsburgh Controller W
Brendan Reilly, IL, Chicago Alderman W

Kennedy Communications/D -- direct mail
Bruce Ennis, DE, State Senate W
John Adler (in), NJ, State Senate W
Fran Bodine, NJ, State Senate L
Bob Gordon, NJ, State Senate W
Fred Madden (in), NJ, State Senate W
Dana Redd, NJ, State Senate W
Teresa Ruiz, NJ, State Senate W/W
Paul Sarlo (in), NJ, State Senate W
Bob Smith (in), NJ, State Senate W
Brian Stack, NJ, State Senate W/W
Jeff Van Drew, NJ, State Senate W
Jim Whelan, NJ, State Senate W
NJ State Assembly 21W and 6L (total)
David Poisson (in), VA, State Delegate W
Bryon Short, DE, State Representative W
Bill Carson, DE, State Representative W
Joe Kelly (in), NJ, Atlantic County Freeholder W
Jill Foley, NJ, Atlantic County Freeholder L
Leo McGuire (in), NJ, Bergen County Sheriff W
Tomas Padilla (in), NJ, Bergen County Freeholder W
James Carroll (in), NJ, Bergen County Freeholder W
Elizabeth Calabrese (in), NJ, Bergen County W
Ed McDonnell (in), NJ, Camden County Freeholder W
Carmen Rodriguez (in), NJ, Camden County Freeholder W
Brian Hughes (in), NJ, Mercer County Executive W
Joe Spicuzzo (in), NJ, Middlesex County Sheriff W
Kevin Hoagland (in), NJ, Middlesex County Surrogate W
Pete Dalina (in), NJ, Middlesex County Freeholder W
Blanquita Valenti (in), NJ, Middlesex County W
Chris Rafano (in), NJ, Middlesex County Freeholder W
Joe Hoeffel, PA, Montgomery County Commissioner W
Ruth Damsker (in), PA, Montgomery County L
David Landau, PA, Delaware County Commissioner W/L
Sandi Jackson, IL, Chicago Alderman, 6th Ward W
Pat Dowell, IL, Chicago, Alderman, 3rd Ward W
Willie Cochran, IL, Chicago, Alderman, 20th Ward W
Mike Erdos, PA, Philadelphia Judge Court of Common W
Bill Green, PA, Philadelphia City Council At-Large W
SEIU 32BJ, I-E for:
 Eddie Perez (in), CT, Hartford Mayor W
 Michael Nutter PA, Philadelphia Mayor W
 J. Walter Tejada (in), VA, Arlington County Board W
 of Supervisors
 Mary Hynes, VA, Arlington County Board of W
 Gerry Connolly (in), VA, Fairfax County Board of W
 Supervisors, Chair
 Mike McLanahan, VA, Fairfax County Board of L
 Jeff McKay, VA, Fairfax County Board of W
 Supervisors, Lee District
AFSCME, I-E for:
 Sharon Green Middleton (in), MD, Baltimore City W

The Strategy Group for Media/R -- Media
Bob Latta, OH, H07, special election W/W
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