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The wellness movement. (Dear Reader).

In an article entitled "The Wellness Movement," C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. traced the roots of the wellness movement back to the days of the ancient Greeks and the Olympic Games (see

Over the past thirty years, the movement has expanded exponentially to include emphases on nutrition, physical exercise and various body therapy approaches, including Alexander, Rolfing and Feldenkreis, to name but a few. The increasing interest in wellness, of course, has had a profound impact on musicians, especially over the last ten years.

MTNA has been a leader in the "musician wellness" movement for many years. In addition to conference sessions and AMT articles on the subject, the MTNA "Annotated Bibliography on Musician Wellness," compiled by MTNA member Linda Cockey, serves as a primary resource for all who are interested in the topic. In fact, the result of a brief web search on "musician wellness" designates this resource in the first two entries.

In our continuing commitment to musician wellness, we are proud to devote this entire issue of AMT to this vital area of research and practice. Of course, our focus is on the music teacher. The first article, "Using the Body's Wisdom to Unlock Technique," by Jacqueline Herbein, focuses on how the body works in relation to an instrument and the importance of passing this information from teacher to student. Two articles deal with issues for the small-handed pianist--"Strategies for Small-Handed Pianists," by Lora Deahl and Brenda Wristen, and "Goldilocks Had a Choice," by Carl Leone. Ruth Burnham's "Perspectives on Performance for Elementary-Level Piano Students" discusses the pros and cons of public performance for younger students. The issue concludes with the latest installment of the "Annotated Bibliography on Musician Wellness," by Cockey and Kathryn Kalmanson.

Here's to a more prosperous and healthier future for each of you in the music teaching profession!
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Author:Ingle, Gary L.
Publication:American Music Teacher
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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