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Byline: The Register-Guard

In response to a story about Downtown Eugene Merchants:

Jeff James: "The last time I ventured downtown in the evening, I was repeatedly and aggressively asked for money. Most of the men who asked me appeared to be drunk. There were several people lying down on the sidewalk. These people also appeared to be drunk. Sullen people wearing ragged clothing were everywhere. I am not planning on venturing downtown in the evening again. Eugene should take a hard look at what some other cities are doing regarding homeless and other vagrants. Ignoring them while claiming to 'validate their lifestyle' is not an answer. They have rights, but living and storing their belongings on the street and in parks while harassing others for money is not one of them."

J.P. Wilcox: "I walk downtown a lot and my mother, who is 83, lives nearby and visits the core using her walker. We never seem to have any negative encounters, but she does call it 'colorful.' I see the transients and 'travelers' and some are unappealing. More obvious to me are folks taking in a meal and a movie, some tea, pizza or a burger. Lately Voodoo Donut has had a line to the street a few times and the Starbucks is always busy. Sometimes some goofball dresses the Kesey statue, while other times people are taking pictures of their family sitting next to him."

In response to a story about deed restrictions on a plot of land proposed as the site for a new Eugene city hall:

Jesse Ulery: "I'm not from here, so I really do not understand. Why, if the founder of the town deeded a plot of land to be used for a town square...has it not been put to that use for the last 100 years? It seems disrespectful on the face of it. Where I come from we turned the local plantation house, the oldest standing building in the county into a museum."

In response to a story about MillerCoors buying a majority stake in Hop Valley Brewing:

Sam Bonds Garage: "Support local small batch craft brewing!"

Jan Wirch Haverly: "I live in Bend, and many people were upset when 10 Barrel (Brewing Company) sold to Anheuser-Busch. Two years later, they are still brewing right down the street from my house, employing locals. I had a Sinister Black just last night - just as delicious as ever!"

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Date:Aug 7, 2016
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