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The web reacts; WE ASKED READERS ... WHAT SHOULD LIVERPOOL DO NEXT? 93% appeal the FA verdict 5% punish Suarez further 2% sell Suarez.

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Concise, angry, righteous yet just statement from LFC. How the FA can convict with no supporting evidence and only Evra''s word is beyond me. Fydsy Disgust and incredulousness at such a misguided decision over a very weak and unsubstantiated allegation from a player who makes a habit of this behaviour. Allan Watson The FA has to be seen to be 'tough on racism'' therefore couldn''t have come to another conclusion. However, given the context, cultural and linguistic differences involved I don''t agree with the verdict. Andrew Carey I have to wonder how they can come to such a decision when it appears to be one person's word against the other without any witnesses. Brian Rice All we know so far is the verdict, without reasons as to HOW the inquiry arrived at this verdict. The LFC statement is good and has demanded we hear the reasons why. Unless the reasons stated by the FA are sound and couldn't possibly be flawed then LFC should appeal! Anfield Joe Good, get rid of racism. I don''t believe he''s a racist; 'his grandfather is black...'' blah blah, but what he did was wrong. Tom I hoped our club would act with grace and humility. Our communication dept needs the sack to compound a sad day with crass and inept comments. How will our international and world wide fan base view us now? Barry Parko The length of time taken to investigate meant it was not just being accepted as a cultural misunderstanding. There is a fundamental decision for LFC regarding continuing to employ a player found guilty if an appeal is not totally successful. David Jones
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2011
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