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The water that every woman should stock.

Micellar water gives the impression of being Evian water for the face, a new product added to skin care routines already burdened by K-Beauty anxieties.When did skincare get so complicated? To understand this, let us step back in time to 2015 when micellar water was gathering moss.

What is it and why use it? For one thing, it may look like typical water, pour like tap water and is called water, except that it does not have the texture of water. Micellar (pronounced mai-sell-or) is a gathering of micelles microscopic oil molecules, trapped inside soft water.

Micelles do the dirty work of attaching themselves to gunk on your skin like make-up, dirt and oil, basically dissolving it into nothingness. It does not have soapy elements in it.

Instead, as a cleanser, you swipe it all over your face to remove anything from waterproof mascara and eyeliner and matte liquid lipstick, all the way down to bare faced glory. Just let the cotton wool, ball or pad saturate with it, place it over the eye or lip for a few seconds, then gently wipe off.

The micelles with the minute balls of cleansing oil is considered hydrating to the skin. It is recommended for normal skin, sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin and has iterations for oily acne-prone skin.

Micellar water can take off make-up, be used as a cleanser and, believe it or not, there are enough women who after cleansing with micellar water, go straight to bed having felt their skin moisturised. Granted, micellar water comes across as exceptionally trendy.

CLEANSING STEPSStill, knowing your skin type takes away a lot of the product pain that inevitably follows introducing an unknown element into your skin care.Here is where micellar water simplifies your life.

Very, very few women will initiate a five to 10 step morning routine. Goddess bless micellar water because when you wake up, you will not need to double-cleanse, use a hydration mask, exfoliate with Clarisonic or any of the many other evening routines demand you check off.

One-step cleansing without a toner is a glorious way to launch yourself into the day. But, it is not that easy.

An easy morning routine requires an intense evening routine.If you wear make-up, two-step cleansing is still de rigueur.

Lead with oil, finish off with micellar water. Or, start with it and finish with a rinse off cleanser.

I prefer the first option. You know those nights when the sky fell during the day? Do not go to bed just yet.

Micellar the dirt off that face, then roll over and be dead to the world. I feel I need to emphasise this rather forcefully.

How to use micellar waterYou will need to swipe your face like someone who is toning it, and do it about three to four times. This will not take up a bucketload of your water.

Trust. I just think it is important to understand this is not a one-swipe job.

It may be a great product, but that does not mean you do not get to put in the work to achieve skin greatness.Once you have thoroughly cleansed, let it completely dry, then move onto your serum, treatment or moisturiser.

Of course, this is simply a cleanser. Other parts of your skincare must be retained such as exfoliating and the relevant treatment.

I tone my skin after micellaring it.Available in small packagesNext time you travel, jettison those facial wipes.

Instead, get a travel-sized bottle of micellar water.You know where else this rule applies? Post-workout skin care.

Interesting enough, micellar water can be used as a facial mist. Best used on bare faced days without make-up.

If the appeal of a simple to the point of lazy skincare routine makes you dance, micellar water was made for you.Why now, micellar, why? Because, my darling, you recently heard of it.

Unlike French women whose taps gush with hard water they will not let anywhere near their face. You are wondering about cost.

Fact: micellar water is cheaper than the cleanser you are currently using. Brands are also wising up to big things in small packages for limited pockets.

Clearly, I am a fan of micellar water. I strongly recommend skipping bottles containing alcohol.

If this is not inspiring you to shop in a new section, research on skincare and hair care products with a generous dose of micellar-water as part of their ingredients.
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Date:May 5, 2019
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