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The wages of war.


I would say after reading "Conflicted generation" (September) that young people don t have much idea at all of the consequences of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that the United States is fighting. The majority will never have contact with a returning veteran with brain injuries, amputated limbs, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

During the Gulf War we had constant views on our TVs of Scud missiles and bombs; during the Vietnam War, nightly news showed body bags and gave the day's body count. Because of the draft almost everyone knew someone who had been sent to Vietnam.

During most of the war in Iraq, media was not allowed to film or photograph planes full of flag-draped coffins.

The real cost of war has not yet hit home in America. Our economy, partially the result of two wars, will drag on dismally. Our mental health facilities, few as they are, will be overwhelmed by aging men and women with progressive brain damage from brain injuries and from PTSD.

It's going to get ugly, and no one is making any plans to make war less ugly. Few are motivated to investigate the causes of wars, let alone the human consequences.

Lynne Gonzales

Pewaukee, Wis.

Though war has been a part of this generation's life, they have not really seen the effects it has on other people's lives.

No draft, no nightly images of body bags unloaded, no images on television, few discussions about war's impact on returning soldiers and their families. There has been no comment on the spiraling number of suicides among active duty soldiers, no preachers (or bishops) calling into question the vast sums of money expended on war and occupation, and no one raising questions as Iraqi Christians are driven out of their homeland.

All we hear about is birth control and abortion. Once again moral outrage stops at the womb. Why?

Tim Weaver

Spokane, Wash.
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Title Annotation:you may be right
Author:Gonzales, Lynne; Weaver, Tim
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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