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The virtual red line.

Summary: The winds of genius appear to have blown from Silicon Valley in California and top U.S. universities to settle at the Oval Office.

The winds of genius appear to have blown from Silicon Valley in California and top U.S. universities to settle at the Oval Office.

The technological advances proliferating in these institutions have witnessed the advent of Washington's own wunderkind, Barack Obama, who has singlehandedly invented the revolutionary tactical tool known as the "Virtual Mobile Red Line," on which he has based much of his foreign policy.

The examples of the use of VMRL are numerous, the latest being on full display earlier this week with Iran admitting to the launch of long-range ballistic missiles. Joe Biden, swimming in his boss' policy, has insinuated that this is a red line the U.S. is investigating.

Another example of the VMRL is the one the U.S. drew in Ukraine, where it has disappeared -- twice.

Other VMRLs include the ones leveled against Beijing over its activities in the South China Sea, where all threats and red lines issued by the U.S. against China expanding its presence and arming disputed islands also vanished.

And then there are the VMRLs in North Korea, where it's difficult to remember the number of times red lines have been trampled on, not only through defiant rhetoric but also actual capacity to threaten all U.S. allies in the area.

There's also the lethal VMRL laid down in Syria, and while in other places its ineffectiveness resulted in havoc and instability, in Syria it has allowed over 250,000 deaths.

Naturally, all faulty inventions are soon challenged, and so came the magicians from the north, with Russia's scientists fielding the aptitude to prove that Obama's red line is virtual, and thus ineffective.

The whole world now realizes any red line from the U.S. is just bluster. Consequently, threats are seldom regarded as credible, and confidence in the U.S. has waned until it too has become a virtual quality.

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Publication:The Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)
Date:Mar 10, 2016
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