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The variation of the parameters technic and economic with the speed and the airs excess coefficient.


In this presence working itself contribute at modeling injection from gasoline at spark ignition engines; the model of fuel pump from gasoline, the model of regulator from pressure and injector (Turcoiu et al, 1987). For model of system proposed from author was proposed one system from injection of gasoline Bosch Motronic who power for air with ultrasonor wave. It be used plate from acquisition from trial, program from acquisition from date, electrical sounder from temperature, electrical sounder from pressure, electrical sounder from revolution and position angular, analyzer from gas. It is be make one study for select excess coefficient from air [lambda] = 1(electronic dosage). It is calculating the parameters for optimum for to run cycle at spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline and to simulate on the computer (Baraga, 2000).


A delicate problem from point of program on the computer, adiabatic coefficient is it starting calculation, temperature in different point is unknown and the adiabatic exponents not can be determinable. For solution of this problem has been used at impose to some value, found initial more correct, who permit a cycle crossing and determination more precise temperature. The temperature at the finished admission Ta was to consider known as initial date and she's expression calculation it be used at the finished as equation from verify at finished the cycle It is to determine the expression temperature's in succession from route of cycle [T.sub.c], [T.sub.z], [T.sub.u], [T.sub.d], [T.sub.d1], [T.sub.r] and [T.sub.r1], as well as expression of gas temperature from evacuation [T.sub.e] and the expression temperature thermodynamics medium to process from burning []. It is calculating the expression coefficient gas burnt residual [[gamma].sub.r]. (Turcoiu et al, 1987). Must to remark that all the expression that was used at mathematical modeling cycle spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline proposed from the author it is correlation betweens to can be introduce on the computer. This expression is correlation only in function from temperatures from characteristic point of cycle; pressuring sluices this point it is substitute with pressure's exponents and coefficient from initial date. Through calculate again of adiabatic exponent on amount foundation temperatures to get from the new cycle. In this mode, through some cycle the error can be reduce upside a calculate estimate admit in a thermal calculus very pretentious. It is make calculus mechanical this theoretically proposed [], theoretical medium pressure proposed [] and of theoretical output propose [[eta]]. It be calculate effective pressure [p.sub.e], effective output [[eta].sub.e] and mechanical output engine [[eta].sub.m], theoretic power propose [], effective moment [M.sub.e], from combustible mass that have been on cycle engine [m.sub.cb], the stole theoretic [Ch.sub.t], the stole theoretic specific from combustible [c.sub.e] and drawing cycle spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline for propose model by the author; the models by calculus for pressure-volume and pressure-angle motor shaft diagram (Grunwald, 1980).

It be to achieve a experimental equipment for testing the propose model by the author, gifted with device and electrical sounders necessary of modeling. It by raise experimental diagram indication a engines equipment with system from electronic injection from gasoline type Bosch Motronic and will be to compare with indicated diagram theoretic for propose model by the author. In figure 1 is represented the variation of the effective power with the speed and the airs excess coefficient.

In figure 2 is represented the variation of the moment of the couple with the speed and the airs excess co-efficient. In figure 3 is represented the variation of the hour consumption with the speed and the airs excess co-efficient.





a. It is to achieve from modeling principle to some equipment from gasoline, modeling regulator from pressure of gasoline, the same general model spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline.

b. It be to conceive a personal model for calculation a pressure on the received gallery [] and a pressure at finished admission.

c. It be conceive the model from calculus of regulator from pressure and a electromagnetic injector. It be effect the model of calculation duration injection [t.sub.i] with revolution and load who represent even model suggestion by the author. (Blaga, 2005)

d. It be realize a program from calculate parameter spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline.

e. With helping from calculate it be calculating and represent variation 3-D adiabatic and polytrophic coefficient, temperature and pressure in the characteristic point of cycle, coefficient from fill, dosage, measure thermal combustion of unity cylinder engine, rapport from grow of pressure in isochors combustion, rapport growth volume in post burning, the technical-economical of driving and duration injection. (Negrea, & Sandu, 2000).

f. It be raise the indicate diagram for the little two types from engine that has equipping car with the model has been proposed by the author. It is raise the diagram pressure-volume and pressure-angle from rotate tortuous arbor for these engines.

g. In the frame of experimental try of propose installation would be determine the dynamic performance and the combustible conformable in vigor according. The equipment from to test used it is that more performance that is now. It be used from try installation of one spark ignition engines with electronic injection from gasoline proposed on car.

h. It is realization one comparation between diagram theoretic from cycle proposed by the author and diagram of engine with electronic injection of gasoline, that was obtain one the experimental installation.

i. For engines fitting out with propose from author it well be raise on engine stall, from foundation diagram 3-D or duration injection, angle from kindling at total load and partial load and enrichment coefficients at total load. Investigation realized to be continue for determine mechanical loss at electronic injection of gasoline, in domain little revolution.


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Turcoiu, T., Boncoi, J. & Time, Al., (1987). Equipment's from injection for engine with internal burning, The Technical Publishing House, Bucharest.
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Author:Blaga, Vasile; Bara, Vasile; Bara, Camelia; Bara, Lucian; Borza, Ioana
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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