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The value of having kids.

Raising children these days is expensive. When you add up the prices of diapers, clothes, food, and child care, kids are often too costly for some couples to afford. But what if there was a financial incentive for increasing the size of your family?

That's the idea of Father Stefano Bimbi, a parish priest in the small Italian village of Staggia in Tuscany. Concerned about low birth rates in Italy, Bimbi--whose last name coincidentally means "babies" in Italian--is offering new parents a baby bonus of 2,000 [euro] (about $2,300), The Telegraph reports.

Parents hoping to make a quick buck should read the fine print: The offer applies only to couples in Staggia with three or more children who are members of the church, and payments aren't made until the fc j baby's baptism. If you leave the church, there are probably no refunds.

Streching out that 2,000 [euro] to cover all the costs of raising a child, however, would truly require divine intervention.

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Title Annotation:catholic tastes; financial bonus for increasing family size
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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