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The united opposition will brings back the trust in Albanian citizens.

For the first time in the history of the Republic of Macedonia, three Albanian opposition parties agreed to make a coalition and together run the upcoming early parliamentary elections. PDSH Reform Movement, NDP and UNITY party signed a coalition agreement for the upcoming elections in order to restore the trust of Albanian citizens who are disappointed with PDSH and BDI parties. The unification of several small Albanian parties, according to professor Alajdin Demiri, is a historic event which was expected in the past 25 years. According to Demiri, this unification will restore the trust of Albanian citizens.

"The unification of these three parties into one political subject, i.e. coalition, is the best thing that could happen in Albanian politics. I feel like this is a conceptual coalition based on political ideas for uniting the votes", stressed Demiri adding that the BESA Movement might soon join these three Albanian parties. Demiri commented the stopped activities of the Opposition Council managed by Kim Mehmeti. According to him, this Council had a single goal, to ensure that Albanian non-parliamentary parties never unite and to boost the separation of Albanian parties.

"I believe that BESA will join the new coalition, and the Opposition Council stopped its activities because it failed to obstruct the unification of Albanian non-parliamentary parties, and there is no use of continuing forward", stressed Demiri. President of the Association of NLA Veterans Besim Hoda welcomed the coalition between PDSH Reform Movement, NDP and UNITY party, commenting that "the unification of Albanian parties was the mission of the war in 2001". Still, Hoda urges this coalition to give maximal efforts and not be just a declarative promise. He wishes the Opposition Council had duly performed its mission, even if new forces are required in politics.

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Title Annotation:Zhurnal (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Oct 21, 2016
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