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The unagi discovery.


Lately, the heat has been unbearable. Anytime I get a chance to do a chore that requires driving from 11 am to about 5 pm, I jump into my car and happily drive around. Traffic is not as bad and as long as I have my sounds and my air conditioning, I'm good. Whenever this happens, there are two things I do--complete my mission and reward myself with a meal somewhere. This way, I look forward to any work adventure.

The unagi came in a black and red lacquered box with sticky and white Japanese rice at the bottom drizzled with sweet unagi sauce and on top was the freshly grilled boneless unagi.

I was in Makati doing an errand when I was told I had an hour to kill. This was an unexpected. So, I drove around aimlessly and ended up at Makati Cinema Square. Looking around the area where Japanese restaurants are plentiful, my eyes zeroed in on a place called Unakichi. The photos in front of the dining place had pictures of Japanese eel or unagi. I miss good authentic Japanese food so much, I had to park and satisfy my curiosity.


This place specializes in unagi ( Japanese eel) on a bento box. Sitting down at the bar, I ordered an agedashi tofu and a box of unagi over rice. I asked the servers and was told a Japanese gentleman owns the place. Promising, I thought. The lightly fried agedashi tofu was on a light sweet soy sauce, topped with julienne cuts of nori, bonito flakes, chopped spring onions, grated labanos, and ginger. All these ingredients mixed together with the chunk of the tofu, gives me flashes of Japan. Delicious! The unagi came in a black and red lacquered box with sticky and white Japanese rice at the bottom drizzled with sweet unagi sauce and on top was the freshly grilled boneless unagi. Tender and melt-in-your-mouth soft, this dish is one of my favorites among all the Japanese dishes. Many times, I look at the box and tell myself, oh my, there's too much rice. I end up eating everything, not leaving even a single grain in the box. I use chopsticks to give it the whole Japanese dining experience. I have to go back and take my kids here. The meal includes soup and a side plate of pickled vegetables. The meal was over in less than an hour and I was on time to complete my mission for that day. I drove home smiling but I knew it was still warm when I got back.

OMG DESSERT Jonas Pastry cheese tarts

I have found a solution to this heat. I bought a plastic swimming pool and regress to my childhood and, with a hose on hand and the pool, cool myself with my kids many days of the week. Simple joys!

Last week, I was able to taste a most delicious ube cheese supreme. This is like an ube ensaymada with most delicious and rich topping of butter and grated queso de bola. I became curious when I got photos of their box for in it. It included a tiny pie. I later on learned this is their cheese tart. I thought to myself, if they make a great ube supreme, this too must be worth trying. Oh my gosh. The cheese tart also didn't last long in my fridge. It was oh so good. The tart sits on a pie crust, topped with creamy, mildly sweet, and salty white cream cheese. Simply delicious! Also a must try. Check out @jonaspastryshop or call 0977 8499614.

Happy eating!

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Title Annotation:Food; Unakichi and Jonas Pastry cheese tarts
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Date:May 20, 2021
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