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The twin friend-ship.

Rockne and Rich are twin brothers and best friends. They love sailing to new adventures. They've been skiing in the Alps, swimming in the Pacific, and rollerblading in Rome. But now, Rich is in a stitch. He can't find Rockne! Can you crack the secret code to find out where Rockne is waiting for Rich in their next fun-filled adventure? Hop aboard their twin Friend-Ship get started!

First, solve these friendly pairs to reveal the secret letters.

1.--and Arrow

2.--and Roll

Aunt and 3.--

Chips and 4.--

Paper and 5.--

Spaghetti and 6.--

7.--and Dance

Surf and 8.--

Peanut butter and--9.

Now, fill in the secret letters underneath the corresponding numbers on the chart.

 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9

--     *     #     ^    ///   **     =     +    ++


You're almost ready to set sail. Use the chart to decode Rockne's message below and is and what he's up to!


Answers: 1. Bow 2. RoCk 3. unclE 4. Guacamole 5. pencIl 6. meatbalLs 7. siNg 8. tuRf 9. jellY



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Author:Schonauer, Erin; Schonauer, Jamie
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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