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The trouble with those robots...

So, we can expect "useful household robots" within 10 years as well as robot waiters, (The Journal, January 19).

Rubbish, they're already here. Robot waiters and waitresses are already amongst us; we've all seen them.

Expressionless face, slow movement, limited memory function. They're early models of course; still prone to forgetfulness and relatively clumsy but in a few years time who knows what technology may bring?

There may be smiling ones that interact with the customer just like the better human ones.

If a human waiter/waitress has a bad day the worst that can happen is sulky service but if robowaiter malfunctions who knows what?

You could end up with a wine bottle smashed over your head or the contents of the gravy boat in your lap.

Just because it's technically feasible doesn't mean it's a good idea.

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 22, 2004
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