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The trouble with spring is you're never sure when it starts.

SPRING is here. And will be here again in another two weeks. That's because the meteorological and astronomical calendars give different dates, March 1 and March 20, for the start.

Of course, as everyone knows, this year spring actually arrived in February with Costa temperatures and days of sunshine and blue skies., a wonderfully named company that specialises in garden furniture and barbecues, says the season travels at a gentle pace.

"Using measures such as sightings of ladybirds, frogspawn and swallows, as well as the leafing of oaks and hawthorns, the pace spring takes to travel from the south coast of the UK northwards, has been calculated to be two miles per hour."

Just be thankful you are not one of the experts employed to check its progress.

"I'm calling for a pint after work, love. I've had enough of hawthorns, ladybirds and frogspawn and we've only got to Birmingham. I never want to see a bowl of tapioca again."

And a word to the wise: don't cast a clout just yet, because the same source says it is more likely to snow in March than it does at Christmas.

Which is actually one of those self-evident pieces of research because we live in Britain where it could conceivably snow at any time of the year. I once climbed Simon's Seat in the Dales in a blizzard in August.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Mar 8, 2019
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