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The traveling spoon.


The subject is summer fruits. Name as many as you can. GO!

Watermelon ... strawberries ... blueberries ... durian ... Wait--what? Durian fruit, but you can only use that one if you live in Southeast Asia.

Durian, or the king of fruits as it's called, might be one of the weirdest and smelliest fruits around. In fact it's banned in many public places in Asia. But if you look and smell past that, durian has a very unique and cool taste.


The durian's thick, spiky, greenish-brown skin looks a little like a hedgehog. The fruit on the inside is the stinky part. When it's ripe and ready to eat, the durian can make a whole house smell a little like old gym socks. Cut it open (maybe while holding your nose) and you'll find a white, creamy pulp that looks a little like custard or tapioca pudding. Ignore that smell and take a bite because the durian tastes like vanilla or sweet almond. And how many kids can say they've eaten an almond-flavored fruit? So grab your spoon, don't breathe too deeply, and dig in!


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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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