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The total package: Genesis, Jewell and Kuhn Equipment partner to serve the evolving demolition industry.


Demolition contractors from decades past might have a hard time recognizing the industry today. Long gone are the days when the wrecking ball and cable crane dominated the scene. Today's demolition contractors are part of an industry that is growing constantly in sophistication and technical savvy, which is creating an atmosphere that is more competitive than ever.

Years ago, any crew with a competent crane operator or enough dump trucks could bid confidently on most any job. However, changing times have affected how contractors go about their business, and, like so many other industries, technology has come to the forefront. Today's demolition contractors need newer, more specialized equipment--and they need it now.

To get their customers the tools they need, three of the demolition industry's leading suppliers have forged a partnership to ensure their customers get exactly what they need when they need it.

Through their Channel Partner Program, the three companies--manufacturers Jewell and Genesis and equipment rental and sales company Kuhn--have combined their efforts to supply complete, customized equipment packages to their customers, according to Bruce Bacon, vice president of Genesis and Jewell. Attachments are built by Genesis, mounted on boom configurations by Jewell, and the whole package is distributed by Kuhn Equipment. "What we end up with is three different companies with a lot of experience in the field, using all that combined expertise to provide an integrated package," says Bacon.

The quick turnaround with which the three partners are able to get their equipment on the ground is key, says Mark Ramun, Jewell's national sales and marketing manager. "Customers don't have time to wait," he says. Demolition contractors often don't have the luxury of time when it comes to sourcing their equipment. "Scrap companies often plan years in advance," notes Ramun. But for demolition contractors, "it's difficult for a large portion of the industry to plan because they're given very short notice." Demolition jobs can be awarded at a rapid-fire pace, Ramun says, sometimes in a matter of a few short weeks. In the meantime, demolition companies have other jobs going on, says Ramun.

As a Channel Partner, Kuhn Equipment has invested heavily in Genesis and Jewell's engineering know-how by stocking some of the most innovative offerings in its partners' portfolios for immediate rental and delivery. "We work very closely with Kuhn in helping them identify and then determine the needs of their customers and what equipment specifically would be best," Ramun explains. "And what Kuhn does is invest upfront in that equipment so it's on the ground and ready for work. It's rapid deployment. We don't wait for the customer to tell us what they need, we work to anticipate their needs."


Many businesses rely on multi-tasking to control costs and stay competitive, and the demolition industry is no different. To answer the call of demolition contractors who need to do more with less, Kuhn Equipment, with the help of its Channel Partners Genesis Attachments and Jewell Attachments, has introduced the Extreme Reach Ultra High-Reach Demolition machine.

This unit's unique tool-handling capabilities give contractors unprecedented levels of flexibility and versatility. The Extreme Reach UHD is capable of multiple applications, according to Mike Schulz of Kuhn. At different heights, ranging anywhere from 40 to 100 feet, this machine can carry attachments weighing anywhere from 5,000 to 19,000 pounds.

Used with an attachment like Genesis' Logix Processor (LXP), the versatility factor increases even more. By taking advantage of the LXP's multiple jaw sets and the boom configured to work at varying heights, "you can cut concrete and steel at 100 feet, and even thicker concrete and steel at 75; closer to the ground you can easily cut over 4' thick concrete columns with no problem all the while using the same tool carrier," says Schulz. "It's kind of like a Swiss-Army-knife approach."

Furthermore, the unit is portable and designed to be assembled and disassembled quickly, so it can arrive at a jobsite and go to work with speed and efficiency.

The flexibility of being able to work from up to 100 feet in the air down to ground level with access to the LXP's multiple jaws makes the Extreme Reach UHD machine a valuable addition to a demolition contractor's equipment arsenal. "That's what intrigued me about this machine--the versatility," says Schulz. "It's not just a one-job-type application--I can keep it utilized in a lot of applications."

More information about the Extreme Reach UHD and a full catalogue of the equipment available from Kuhn is available at


Many factors are driving demand for multi-processors in the demolition industry, and Genesis Attachments has been quick to respond with the introduction of its line of Logix Processors (LXP), attachments that take the ability to do multiple jobs to the next level.

The LXP is designed to maximize the power curve of the attachment so that the unit can process both steel and concrete with equal proficiency, according to Genesis Vice President and General Manager Bruce Bacon. "If you're going to cut steel, you want maximum power when the tool is all the way closed, the reverse for concrete," Bacon explains. "With a traditional tool, you can't alter, you had to compromise." But the patent-pending design of the LXP gives the tool the ability to alter the power curve specific to the jaw, Bacon says, maximizing steel cutting and concrete crushing capability in the same product. "And, we hydraulically engage and disengage the jaw into the body--that nobody else does," Bacon says. "It's our engineering tour de force."

Furthermore, change-outs between jaw sets can be done in 15 minutes or less, says Bacon. "It's really an advancement for a demolition contractor who understands that the ability to change out in the field in a short amount of time is certainly a competitive advantage," he says.

Three jaw sets available: a shear, a concrete pulverizer and a concrete cracking jaw for oversized concrete. Four models are available that vary with the carrier--the LXP 200, 300, 400 and 500.
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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The total package: Genesis, Jewell and Kuhn Equipment partner to serve the evolving demolition industry.
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Offering options: Kuhn offers flexible equipment choices to meet customers' varying needs.

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