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The top ten. (Skills Master 1).


Did you know that the 10 most populous countries in the world account
for more than half of its people? The table below lists key facts about
these 10 countries. First, fill in the missing information. (Refer to
pages 24-33 of the student issue). Then study the table and answer the

Country       Area         Pop.       Pop. under    Literacy
             (sq mi)   (in millions)    15 (%)    rate (%) (1)

Bangladesh     55,598      133.6          40         63/49

Brazil                     173.8          30         83/83

China       3,696,100     1280.7                     90/73

India       1,269,340     1049.5          36

Indonesia     735,355                     31         90/78

Japan         145,869      127.4          14         99/99

Nigeria       356,668                     44         67/47

Pakistan      307,375      143.5          42         55/29

Russia      6,592,819      143.5                     99/97

U.S.        3,717,796      287.4          21         97/97

Country         Life       HDI (3)
            expectany (2)

Bangladesh                  0.478

Brazil          65/73       0.757

China           69/73       0.726

India           62/64       0.577

Indonesia       66/70       0.684

Japan           78/85

Nigeria         52/52       0.462

Pakistan        63/63

Russia          59/72       0.781

U.S.                        0.939

Sources: 2002 World Population Data Sheet, Population Reference Bureau;
CIA World Factbook 2001; United Nations Human Development Report 2002.

(1) Literacy rate: First is the percentage for males who can read and
write, then the percentage for females.

(2) Life expectancy: First is the number of years for males, then the
number of years for females.

(3) HDI (Human Development Index): This number measures the country's
economic and human well-being on a scale of 0 to 1. The higher the
number, the better the rating.
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