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The thrill of the grass.

POP TRIVIA QUIZ: IN what European country is Little League baseball played most? Thanks to a retired American baseball coach named Basil Tarasko, the unlikely answer is Ukraine. Tarasko is a former baseball supremo for the Commonwealth of Independent States, and was the first manager of Ukraine's national senior team, today ranked 10th in Europe. But much of his time is spent raising money in the U.S. to build Ukrainian ball fields and guarantee the sport's future. He is personally responsible for the bulk of Ukrainian baseball's revenue, and, thanks to his soft spot for the disadvantaged, 11 of the country's 62 Little League clubs are based in orphanages.


The Kyiv Post (Feb. 14) reports that the best teams will repeat an increasingly popular summer ritual and meet in June at Ukraine's only baseball stadium, a 900-seat facility in Kirovohrad, to choose a national champion. Batter up!
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Title Annotation:SATELLITE DISH
Author:Cosh, Colby
Publication:Western Standard
Date:Mar 12, 2007
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