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The teenage view; STAYCATIONS are on the up, according to a recent survey which found almost 40 per cent of Brits are actively trying to spend less money on their holidays this year, with more than half deciding not to go abroad to cut the cost of their holiday. Reporter CARA SIMPSON asked young shoppers in Coventry city centre whether they are staying at home or going abroad this summer.


STEFAN WARD Age: 19 Home: Lives in Milton Keynes Course: Studying for a degree at Wolverhampton University Verdict: I've already been to Malaysia visiting relatives so far this year. To cut costs I think it's important to avoid the summer rush during the school holidays when prices do go up. I'm lucky to have family abroad because it means I don't have to pay for accommodation, which is important for me as a student with a tight budget.

KATIE BOSTOCK Age: 19 Home: Lives in Tile Hill, Coventry Course: Studying for a degree at Wolverhampton University Verdict: I go on a family holiday every year, which is good because I don't have to pay, but I'd like to go abroad more in the future and would love to go to Italy one day. When I do I'll definitely book early because that's one way to get things cheaper. The key is to shop around and compare prices. Going abroad is good because it's important to have a change of scenery and visit somewhere different. Age: 19 Home: Lives in Stratford Course: Studying for a degree at Loughborough University Verdict: I was thinking of going to Spain this summer because one of my friend's parents has an apartment out there and he invited me and some others along to stay there, which would make it a lot cheaper for me. If it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't be able to go because going abroad is so expensive and I'm only a student. I'd probably have to stay at home.

ALEX FISHER Age: 16 Home: Lives in Tile Hill, Coventry Course: Studying for A-levels Verdict: I've just done exams so was really looking forward to going abroad. It can be nice to have a holiday in the same country but it's nice to go abroad as well. I've already been on holiday for two weeks in Turkey with family and am planning to go to a Greek island next year. I want to do more travelling when I'm older but I know how expensive it is.

MOLLIE HAMMOND Age:16 Home: Lives in Corley, Coventry Course: A student at Coundon Court School Verdict: I'm not going abroad this year because my family always goes to Devon. I really enjoy going there every year and I think you can have just as much fun in England as you can going abroad, plus it's cheaper. If I was to go abroad I'd like to visit Rome because it looks there would be lots to see. JOSHUA COYLE Age: 20 Home: Lives in Solihull Course: Studying for a degree at Aberystwyth University Verdict: I was hoping to go to Spain with friends from university but then everyone dropped out because they couldn't afford to go and needed to work over the summer. It was really disappointing because I had the money and wanted to go but because of that I'm going to stay here and visit my friends, spending a couple of days with them where they live. RACHEL WILSON
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Aug 9, 2010
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