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The system lets down a victim again.


SEND your teenage daughter to school this morning, let the RE teacher have sex with her, and according to Judge Joanna Greenberg, it's not a problem.

Of all the outright lunacy we've witnessed from UK judges, this has to be the worst. But it's not just mad - it is extremely dangerous.

Not only has Judge Greenberg effectively let off a teacher who's been found guilty of having sex with a pupil, she has poured scorn on the victim's account, essentially writing her off as a manipulative slut.

Yes, maybe the girl was obsessed with her teacher. Maybe she did pursue him. But that's the kind of muddleheaded thing 16-year-old girls do. They're passionate and prone to falling in love with inappropriate people. That's why we must be able to trust the men who teach them with being able to withstand such attention.

Ms Greenberg described the girl as "vulnerable and needy and had a troubled home".

But while any right-thinking person would realise that only increased the chances of her being a victim, Ms Greenberg appears to think it only confirms her nature as a temptress. I accept, as he claimed, teacher Stuart Kerner didn't initially want the affair and the whole thing is "a tragedy".

But when he was taking the girl's virginity on a gym mat, he sure as hell wanted something.

For a judge to paint him as the one who was groomed is repulsive. Once again we see a victim being humiliated by the system supposed to serve them justice. Ms Greenberg should feel shame for her malicious words today.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2015
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