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The swaying lotus.

If fearless optimism bespeaks a first-class mind, I do not have a first-class mind. Hope blazes from my far-off island, but oceans and rivers block the way. Again and again I start out and turn back. My earthly love -- eternal dew on the swaying lotus of conflict. Because in late afternoon, after the sun sets life fades on its own in the mind -- again, because until morning I am secretly drenched in frightened prayers, the way therefore isn't straight, but circular. Time and again starting out, and turning back for home. In the conflict between the constant and the inconstant indigent, incomprehensible love. 22 May 1960 Bloomington, Indiana
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Title Annotation:Three Bengali Women Poets; poem
Author:Dev Sen, Nabaneeta; Ray, Sunil B.; Dev Sen, Nandana; Wright, Carolyne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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