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The sunshine boys.

Boy, for guys who can dish it out, it's surprising how both House Speaker Bill O'Brien and Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt can't take it.

They both lashed out earlier this month at U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for having the temerity to attack the two frontmen in the political war between New Hampshire Republicans and Democrats while speaking at a Democratic Party dinner.


During her preaching to the choir, the usually reserved (to put it mildly) senator actually showed some energy in going after the speaker and majority leader.

"What is, really getting old is Speaker O'Brien ignoring the needs of this state in order to pursue an extreme right-wing agenda, Shaheen said. It s time to put an end to his war on working families. It s time to put an end to his gay bashing. It's time to put an end to his war on women's health. Its time to put an end to Bill O'Brien's career in politics."

Heavens, such viciousness! Never heard anything like that in the history of American politics, have you?

Apparently O'Brien and Bettencourt haven't. They issued a 367-word statement lashing out at the senator for falling into an "attack mentality."

And considering these guys have spent the last several months attacking any and all comers (and some who don't even go near them), you'd think they'd be a little more circumspect. Especially because one of them--Bettencourt--still has yet to apologize to Bishop McCormack for his "pedophile pimp" remark. Just FYI.

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Title Annotation:Flotsam & Jetsam
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Date:Nov 18, 2011
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