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The stunning lapdancer, 25, thewrinkly Queen star with a wife and six kids and the pounds 300k flat paid for in cash.


MARRIED Queen star John Deacon has formed an extra-ordinary relationship with a lapdancer young enough to be his daughter.

The grey-haired bass guitarist, 51, who has six children, has been seeing stunning Emma Shelley, 25, and is happy to be pictured with her (top right).

But he kept the friendship secret from his wife of 27 years Veronica.

Mystery surrounds how Emma has suddenly been able to buy a pounds 300,000 apartment - paid for in cash - plus a pounds 25,000 Mercedes sports car like the one below.

She denies Deacon has helped her financially but admits they are friends.

The friendship will amaze fans who have always dubbed him the quiet man of supergroup Queen.

Deacon is one of the wealthiest stars in pop with a pounds 50million fortune - but always had a reputation as a family man.

Until now, the tea-drinking star has lived a near-reclusive life with Veronica in Putney, South West London.

The couple also have an exclusive apartment block in Kensington, South West London.

On the surface, they appeared to have a blissfully happy private life with six children Robert, 27, Michael, 24, Laura, 23, Joshua, 18, Luke, 10, and Cameron, nine. But friends say their marriage will now be put under enormous pressure.

The star dropped out of the limelight after the death of Freddie Mercury but re-surfaced this year for the Queen's Golden Jubilee Party along with fellow group members Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Deacon became friends with Emma - who performs under the stage name of Pushbar - more than a year ago.

The pair have also been spotted out on the town together.

He has wined and dined her at some of the capital's top restaurants including showbiz haunt Nobu.

Deacon met Emma while she was working at Sophisticats club in London's West End.

He was left goggle-eyed after Emma - who can make hundreds of pounds a night - gyrated provocatively for him.

She is well-known on the glamour scene and is also on the roster of the Playboy TV Channel girls who tour the country to perform raunchy shows.

A friend said: "Emma likes John very much and he is flattered that such a sexy girl is taking an interest in him.

"John has always been very much the quiet man of Queen and this is the last thing you would expect him to be mixed up in.

"But Emma is a very sexy girl and she has got a body to die for.

"Veronica like most wives will probably go berserk when she finds out that John has been spending time with her, particularly if she believes he has been throwing thousands of pounds at this girl to fund her lavish lifestyle.

"This whole thing will put a massive strain on their marriage."

Emma once famously gave up sex for Lent telling The People: "It's not that I don't like making love - it's just that I only find it satisfying if I'm in a strong relationship where I am totally in love with the man.

"Unloving sex does not do it for me. It feels like I am going through the motions.

"I do feel left out when friends talk about it but I also feel quite smug about it."

Until our exclusive revelations, Deacon was in the shadows behind his more flamboyant bandmates whose 1975 masterpiece Bohemian Rhapsody dominated the charts for 17 weeks.

In more than 20 years at the top, Deacon built up a vast fortune and is believed to be in the top 1,000 wealthiest men in the country.

After lead singer Freddie Mercury died from AIDS in 1991, Deacon kept a low profile.

He vetoed plans to allow Robbie Williams to front a reformed Queen, saying he was not good enough.

But in 1997 he and original co-members Brian May and Roger Taylor teamed up with Elton John in Paris where they performed "The Show Must Go On" in tribute to Freddie.

This June, Deacon joined May and Taylor again on stage with Phil Collins and a full symphony orchestra for a nostalgic medley of Queen classics during the Buckingham Palace bash.

But just over a week later, he was snapped with eye-popping Emma during a night in the West End.

They were spotted going into trendy restaurant Nobu in London's West End.

Deacon had no qualms about posing for a picture alongside Emma as she turned heads in a sexy denim mini and showed off her bare midriff in a flimsy white top.

She has since been driving a two-seater Mercedes SLK.

And she is now happily settled in a luxury flat in the top-market Astoria Court in Purley, Surrey, after living with a girl pal in nearby Kenley.

The property was bought without a mortgage.

When interviewed by The People, Emma denied that Deacon had paid for her flat and car.

She said: "Yeah, I know him. He is a friend, but that's it."

When asked if that was the extent of their relationship she added: "Yep."

Veronica Deacon claimed she had never heard of Emma.

She said: "I don't know anything about it."

Asked if she felt shocked to learn of the relationship Veronica said: "I don't feel anything."

A spokesman for her husband said he had "absolutely no comment to make."


SEXY: Lap dancer Emma has formed a strange friendship with Queen star John Deacon; EXPENSIVE: Emma's apartment block; STAR: John, top right, with Queen
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2002
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