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The study of word politics; v.1: Theoretical and methodological challenges.


The study of word politics; v.1: Theoretical and methodological challenges.

Rosenau, James N.



301 pages




In looking over his written productions of the past four decades, Rosenau (international affairs, George Washington U.) finds that his work on world politics has been marked by two central themes: issues of theory and method and the challenges of globalization and global governance. While the companion volume is dedicated to discussing the latter, the 23 papers presented here--balanced between unpublished and previously published offerings--is concerned with the overarching questions of theory and method. It thus explores such topics as the application of complexity theory to world affairs, competing theoretical perspectives on Chinese foreign relations, the impact of generational change and Internet literacy on world affairs, the reasons for the lack of connections between the fields of international political economy and comparative study of foreign policy, and mathematics and the intellectual identity of international relations.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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