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The story of Titania's Palace: At the commercial college; YOU ANSWER: At the commercial college.

I JUST want to shed some light on areader's interest, writes Miss N Appleton of Dublin "Doreen Mackay, nee Howard, wanted to know more about Titania's Palace, a dolls house exhibition that she had once visited.

"Titania's Palace was a famous palace in Ireland that was on show for children's charities made by a chap called Nevile Wilkinson. He commissioned people from all over the world to make something miniature for it.

"However, it was eventually put up for auction by his daughters and was outbid by Lego, of Denmark, for pounds 130,000.

"One unlucky bidder was Ronnie McDonnell, an Irish antique dealer who was so upset at the outbid that he decided to build one himself - it was felt if it was done once it could be done again.

"He formed a trust and the house was made based on famous houses around Ireland. That is how Tara's Palace came about, a similar replica of Titania's Palace.

"Tara's palace is on show at Malahide Castle, Dublin."
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 28, 2008
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