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The stink bug returns.

If you are finding the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) Halyomorpha halys dropping from cracks in the ceiling or crawling along your book cases or even in notebooks that you haven't opened for awhile, you are not alone. According to information by Steve Jacobs, Department of Entomology, Penn State, the bugs reappear in the spring after they have found protected, overwintering sites both indoors and out. He says the bugs are a nuisance to farms, offices and homes in Pennsylvania.


Introduced into the eastern part of the state last year, the BMSB has been recorded in 37 Pennsylvania counties, although it's probably in all counties as well as in many other states. The bug is in the insect family Pentatomidae and is an agricultural pest in its native range of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It has become a serious pest of fruit, vegetables and farm crops in the Mid-Atlantic region, and produced severe losses on apple and peach farms in Pennsylvania in 2010. In its native range, it feeds on a wide variety of host plants. So far, mushroom growers have found more bugs in their homes and offices than in their mushroom houses.


Stink bugs are not known to cause harm to humans, although homeowners are bothered when they enter homes, noisily fly around and drop unexpectedly onto the dinner table. The bug will not reproduce inside structures or cause damages. If you squish or pull them into a vacuum cleaner, the smell is very noticeable. For more information on stink bugs, visit the Penn State Extension Web site, http://ento.
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Date:May 1, 2011
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