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The spirit of "My Grandma's Chest".

It seems I am going to have a headache today, too. This business is serious bearing in mind it should serve a purpose, especially in filling an office on the Fifth Continent. However, this is not only about attaining my goals efficiently and defending the interests of my country, the Republic of Macedonia. It is also about a terrible vanity that is not letting me give in to ignorance.


I know. Some may say, "Man, you take everything to heart. It's only a side pressure from our southern neighbor. You are an executor of state policies and have a stable framework of action. You are not a politician and your credibility does not depend on it. Making a fuss before cameras and scoring points."

How can I not have a headache when I spend my energy on something that is undeniably a part of my being, ever since I was in the cradle and wore shorts, and not just part of me, but of my predecessors, too? Did I really have to explain in great detail a while ago to the ambassadors of Egypt and Brazil to Canberra, who routinely or bureaucratically put 'former' on their envelopes addressed to me and in the letters inside the same envelopes, congratulating me on my daughter's wedding in Melbourne? Instead, I can invest my energy in much more creative things--from making my friendship with them stronger to promoting the quality of the Strumica pepper, the Tetovo apple, Simon's virtuosity or the best opportunities for investment and making profit in the Republic of Macedonia. I say to them, take Chile for instance!

However, the day is short and my energy is unfortunately flagging. The world moves ahead, we need to keep up with the global development cycle--the upward spiral halts and then starts falling down. Self-sustainability cannot promise a safe future even to Australia, officials from the Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce tell me.

Should I take an aspirin or give myself over to the green of Weston Park, the calm waters of Lake Griffin and the pleasure from the praises for the successfully organized exhibition of Macedonian national costumes and handiworks that we called "From My Grandma's Chest?" The latter truly relaxes me, and not just me, but also my colleagues from the diplomatic corps.

I no longer think of my imposed headache. I don't let it waste my energy and exhaust my generation and the generations close to mine. I realized I had the power to ignore it with self-control and an effort that would bring to light this generation's new achievements. The Macedonian community in Australia is making an invaluable contribution to this, too, by not letting their well-established neighbors of Greek descent threaten their identity. They have come here from all over Macedonia and are giving me certificates of honor, talking of lasting values, expressing strong emotions ... We say goodbye ... only to be together, forever! Ambassador Viktor GABER
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Author:Gaber, Viktor
Publication:Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin
Geographic Code:8AUST
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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