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The spin force and remote healing.

A simple device that can detect and measure a rotational force around the body has been discovered. Ron Hruby used this device for his research on remote healing. Called the Biofield Meter, a simple version of this device can be built by anyone in a couple of hours out of simple items available at a hardware store, plus a few magnets. Called the spin force, it fills the gap between the spin of subatomic particles and the spin around stars, planets, galaxies, and super galaxies, which are all known to spin. The gap is the spin around living organisms.

Spin is everywhere. In my recent book, The Spin Force, I propose that spin be considered a fundamental force, along with gravity and electricity. Magnetism may be considered a special case of spin. The Biofield Meter has demonstrated that the spin force varies 1) in amplitude with solar/geomagnetic activity; 2) with the phase of the moon; 3) with vitality of the subject; and 4) when someone distant thinks or visualizes a subject sitting under a Biofield Meter.

This was Dr. Hruby's innovation. I replicated it with 20 trials of distant (50-3,000 miles) healers. Seventeen out of 20 trials showed a change in amplitude of the spin force. It has some use as a psychic-training device, for some people can affect its motion by intention, especially kids. It will also measure the aliveness of liquid food supplements or treated water.

There are dozens of experiments that can be done by anyone with an inquisitive mind and a notebook. For instance: Does it follow the inverse square law? How does it behave in a magnetically shielded room? Are there little spinning fields around chakras? For more information, please visit

Buryl Payne, PhD

PsychoPhysics Labs

P.O. Box 514, Soquel, California 95073


Reference: Hruby R. Empirical detection & measurement of Savely Savva's [suggestion no. 1] bio-field. Townsend Letter. February/March 2003.
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Author:Payne, Buryl
Publication:Townsend Letter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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