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The space, tight budget.

Overwhelming constraints faced this bath remodel: no space could be added to Nancy and Bill Miller's cramped 6- by 7-foot bathroom in Long Beach, California-and the total budget hovered around $1,000.

But with prudent choices and thoughtful use of materials, Mr. Miller, who did both the design and the work, admirably met his goals to make the space seem larger, work harder, and exude a little flair.

For a start, the old cast-iron tub and its tile surround were retained to save money. So was the stained glass window which had been installed prior to the remodel.

Mr. Miller originally envisioned glass doors for the tub, but a foot-deep shelf scat at one end ruled out standard-size sliding doors. The solution was a glassblock screen that's both less expensive

and more elegant looking.

The stairstep frame was built with 2-by4s capped with 1 -by-4s; it was lagscrewed to the wall, then puttied and painted with several coats of enamel before the glass blocks were installed.

Eating up too much floor space, the hulky old vanity was replaced with a graceful pedestal sink. The toilet was also replaced in favor of a more contemporary fixture. Storage lost when the vanity was removed was actually increased with new cabinets as deep as the tub seat. Kitchen cabinets, floated 4 inches off the new white tile floor, take full advantage of the otherwise wasted foot-deep space. For visual continuity, granite tops both the new cabinets and the old bath seat; a single stack of glass blocks creates a break and marks the change in heights.
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Title Annotation:bathroom remodeling
Date:Jun 1, 1989
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