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The social scene.

THIS MAGIC QUADRANT ("No Leaders Yet in Gartner's Social Software Magic Quadrant," Nov. 24, 2008, excludes any products that enhance social computing in a larger platform. NewsGator's Social Sites product adds tagging, communities, RSS aggregation, social network building and visualization, and much more to SharePoint.

But it's not listed since it's not a standalone product.

Brian Kellner

Vice president, products, NewsGator

THERE ARE TWO MARKETS in here, with different profiles: Outside the enterprise, where there are fewer big players, and inside, where consolidation and competition are more fierce and there is a bigger focus on integration with Microsoft and IBM, the big players there.

Eric Sauve

Cofounder, CEO

I'M SURPRISED THAT neither Ning or are listed by Gartner. Each of them has a huge number of users. Is this a question of definition or something else?

Petri Salonen

WE WERE PLEASED to be included as one of Forrester Research's nine leading online community vendors ("Forrester Waves to the Top Providers of Community Platforms," Jan. 14, 2009, We think the Wave report offers the opportunity to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each of us, and to focus in on the areas that are most important to them. We're thrilled, too, that the report hails LiveWorld as a "premier services firm" and demonstrates that we are a strong community partner for brands.

Forrester's Wave is based on Live-World's Community Center product as of July 2008--and while we don't agree with the characterization of our product as mediocre, we also recognized during the Wave process that we needed to make some improvements. Since then, we've done just that, rolling out several user-interface enhancements and content-integration widgets.

Bryan Person

Social media evangelist


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Author:Kellner, Brian; Sauve, Eric; Salonen, Petri; Person, Bryan
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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