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Turns out that the peeps who are charter members of the AG Michael Delaney's Non-Fan Club are all set to pounce over his of rice's investigation of the Greenland shootings and how and why they happened.

First, the Non-Fans are already making noises that the investigation itself could be a problem, considering that the shootings occurred during an AG-sponsored drug task force raid. Meaning the AG's Office will be investigating the AG's Office. Strike one, say the Non-Fans.

Second, it's become apparent that the raid was a screw-up, to use the technical term, from a variety of perspectives.

In fact, the Non-Fans are already whispering loudly about the raid snafu and are adding it to their list of complaints about AG Mikey. Seems they're talking even more seriously this time about impeachment. And you know how much the Non-Fans love the sideshows.

Snitcherinos, you and Snitch both are entering a moment of historical import, now that the State of Granite is facing serious drought conditions.

We know that Guy Flinch is The Man Of The Hour when it comes to floods, but now we'll all find out if Guv Flinch goes both ways.

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Date:May 4, 2012
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