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The slippery slope.

This is a story of intrigue, desperation and despair. It has deep meaning, but offers promise for future exploration by scholars years from now. Sit back and enjoy as I take you to a place your mind can only now imagine. Welcome to the slippery slope.

Many moons ago, in a watery land far away, a giant steel beast rolled along, hour after hour, day after day. No living creature aboard spoke a happy word, as the work was menial, the accommodations marginal, and the company, despicable. Worked to the bones, in conditions only seen by the drudges of the earth, they lost all of their drive and motivation because of the overarching desires of the few. Fortnights felt like centuries, yet they continued to trudge along into oblivion, away from their loved ones and growing older every day. The rest of the world knew nothing of what they did, and every day back home was spent without knowledge about how much blood, sweat and tears these warriors sacrificed.


Incredible humidity, mixed with the blazing inferno of the giant ball of flame in the sky, made the steel giant sweat. Everything was salty, wet and slippery. Neither bird nor a creature could navigate the slippery top without extreme caution. The creatures feared falling over the side, into the gigantic blue pool of treacherous liquid. They looked like figure skaters on top of the giant contraption of despair.

Daily, almost driven by the clock, many creatures were forced to climb on top of the steel birds and inspect them, not unlike one who wears a white coat as a trade.

Their shoes, if they could talk, would describe the deplorable conditions in which they had traversed hundreds of miles of unforgiving steel. The shoes were old, they were tired, and they were worn down. Yet, the creatures hardly ever replaced their shoes. They were lethargic, lackluster and uncaring; for one reason or another, they simply did not receive new boots.

One otherwise unmentionable day, a certain creature was once again on a bird, doing a daily inspection. This day was just as wet as all the other days. The creature, suddenly and without warning, lost his way. He tumbled off the giant steel bird, and careened down to the steel surface below. Fortunately, the fall was not far, and the hurt was not much.

The elder council demanded a change; floggings commenced immediately. All junior creatures were offered replacement shoes. That my friends, is why you should procure and wear proper boots for the flight deck of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.


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Author:Bell, Patrick
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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