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The silver linings dating playbook: guy drama doesn't have to be such a downer. When it comes to boy trouble, here's how April showers can bring May flowers.

Breakups, unrequited love, flirtation fails. . . when it rains, it pours, huh? Guys may bring a deluge of drama, but not all of it has to be so bad. Here's our guide to seeking a silver lining in all sorts of sitches, even when skies are gray.

BOY BUMMER After crushing on the boy in your bio class for months, you work up the nerve to ask him to the spring dance. His reply? He already has a date. Your heart? Broken.

SILVER LINING We're proud of you, girl. Even if you didn't get the answer you were wishing for, it takes major courage to ask someone out. Plus, now that you know he's into someone else, you can move on. And if ya can't drum up a date with another guy, grab your girls and hit the dance in a group. We're betting you'll have just as much fun.

BOY BUMMER You found out your crush likes you back. But, uh, he's kinda-sorta dating another girl, and he's been flirting with your friend, too.

SILVER LINING As much as you wanna jump for joy knowing that you've caught your crush's eye, do you really have the time or energy for a player? We didn't think so. Make it clear you're not interested. Turning him down tells him you're way too cool of a chica to deal with his shenanigans. If he's ready to settle down, he knows where to find you.

BOY BUMMER Track practice means quality flirt time with your crush. Then the season's over, and he doesn't even make an effort to keep in touch. Ugh!

SILVER LINING A fizzled flirtation is not all bad news. Sure, it's disappointing at first, but you've gained some valuable one-on-one experience. Let that knowledge give you a boost of confidence when you encounter another cutie. You've proven to yourself that you can be fun and comfortable around a boy you like. That in itself is pretty darn lab.

BOY BUMMER At your cousin's party, you hit it off with a hottie from another school. The two of you text and talk on the phone, but when you finally get the chance to see him in person, he acts like he hardly knows you.

SILVER LINING This sitch gives you the opportunity to think about what you really want in a relationship. And the thing is, absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder, but it does let you gain some perspective about what type of guy is right for you. So if your long-distance dude keeps acting, well, distant, then it's time to chalk the whole thing up to a learning experience and move on to someone who knows how to treat a girl right--no matter where you are.

BOY BUMMER Your nice next-door neighbor makes an awesome study buddy--but you don't like him like that. So when he asks you to dinner and a movie, you have no choice but to 'fess up your true feelings ... or lack thereof.

SILVER LINING Even if you do it gently, letting this guy down is not gonna be easy. But the good thing is that by being honest, he'll respect you for not dodging him, and you'll feel better knowing you can handle a sticky situation with grace. It may take a bit for him to bounce back, but if you're both mature about it, you can go back to being just buds without too much awkwardness.

BOY BUMMER You and your guy have been your school's It couple since September. But then he and his buds started a band, and seconds later he dumps ya for the Taylor Swift look-alike lead singer. Ouch.

SILVER LINING We're not gonna lie: Breakups are tough. But trust us, your life is so not over. Be happy you can hang with your buds again doing all of those things you missed out on because you were spending so much time with your BF (Dance Moms marathons and sleepovers, anyone?!). Embrace your individuality--and your wide-open sched--and focus on being the most amazing you.
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