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The shopping list; pets corner Tell us about your pets.Write to Pets, Right at Home, Sunday Mail, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA (sorry but Vivian can't reply to everyone) with Vivian Silverstein.

Byline: Vivian Silverstein

Q We have just acquired a Cairn Terrier puppy. What do we need to make it feel at home? AA good breeder will always give you food that the puppy has been weaned on, toys, a written set of 'instructions', something that smells of the litter and applicable paperwork.

Before going to collect your puppy, register with a vet and have an appointment booked with them to do a health check and give the first inoculation to protect it from common dog diseases. You need a comfy bed, puppy pads, food and water bowls, collar and lead (or harness), dog tag, toys and edible chews suitable for a puppy.

But the most important things are love, kindness, patience and understanding - which you will need in abundance. It is essential you enrol for good puppy classes that help with development, not just training.

Find people who are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( or are trained behaviourists (www. or both.

I wish you many years of happiness with your new family member.

Q Why does my dog howl? A Some breeds of dog like to howl, it is in their 'hard wiring' to do so, such as the hound types.

Others may do it when they feel alone because howling was used to make contact with others.

Then there are the ones that just enjoy a good howl. You may be able to induce a howling session with your own dog.

Have a try, you might be surprised at the response. sometimes think we are completely bonkers!
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 15, 2012
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