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The shame of our filthy city.

AS a proud Brummie, imagine my shame when recently travelling through Bordesley Green. Perry Barr can be bad enough, but this place is like a dump.

Why is nothing done about this? Are there different rules for this area with regard to litter and filth? What is the matter with a bit of personal pride and, if it is missing, we as a civilised nation need to educate people in this area, or any other area, that has been allowed to go into such a shameful state.

The occupants themselves must be at their wit's end.

My recent visit up north has made me feel even more ashamed.

In the places I visited, Leeds, Harrogate and York, cleanliness seems normal... as it was once here.

Come on councillors, take some responsibility please.

David Davenport, Perry Barr

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Title Annotation:Sports; Teasers
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 22, 2015
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