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The secret of being cooool; SCIENTISTS CRACK CODE.


YOU know it when you see it but often you just can't put your finger on it.

For years experts have tried to work out what makes people cool.

Now two New York psychologists reckon they've discovered the secret... all because of a row over Steve Buscemi, the bug-eyed star of Reservoir Dogs dubbed king of cool by movie fans.

Ian Hansen could see why Buscemi was cool, but his pal Ilan Dar-Nimrod could not. So the pair started an academic investigation to find the nature of coolness with the help of 350 students.

They were asked what qualities made people cool then rated friends with their own coolometer.

"We wanted to tease apart coolness and social desirability," said Dar-Nimrod. They unearthed totally different kinds from hot, sexy, risky and rebellious cool to friendly, successful, trendy and funny cool. We applied their findings to some famous faces. And heyyyyyyyy, as that cool Happy Days dude The Fonz would say, we nailed their coolness rating.

Sexy cool Cheryl Cole It's her winning combination of natural beauty, feisty Geordie charm and a top-class sense of humour that makes Wor Cheryl, 29, both hot and cool.

29, both hot and cool.

Handsome cool David Beckham Old Goldenballs is in a coolness class all of his own. The dadof-four, 37, still raises the temperatures of millions of adoring female fans the world over.

Quirky cool Helena Bonham-Carter A massive hit in Oscar-winning film The King's Speech, actress Helena, 46, has always been the epitome of cool thanks to her eccentric fashion sense.

ccentric fashion sense.

Friendly cool Ant and Dec The cheeky, chirpy Geordies, both 36, are among the biggest stars on telly. But thankfully, they have never lost their warmth and charm. At least not yet anyway.

Funny cool Kayvan Novak He started out in the now defunct soap Family Affairs but the 33-year-old actor and comedian won acres of cred with his prank call show Fonejacker.

Rebel cool Johnny Depp's edgy movies have made him a Hollywood legend. According to Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach, the 49-year-old "came out of the womb cool".

High-flying cool Mark Zuckerberg Once the poster boy for geeks, Facebook founder Mark, 28, earned his cool rating for the humble way he handles his EUR13billion fortune.

Trendy cool Jessie J You can't put a Price Tag on cool, but girl of the moment Jessie, 24, has made a fortune from 11 million singles sales and 2.5 million album sales.

Caring cool Barack Obama The US President, 50, is so cool his home could be renamed the Ice House. His Republican rivals agree and are running ads saying he's "too cool" to be president.

p Action cool Prince Harry He's the royal action man who's served on the battlefields of Afghanistan, loves polo and is a party animal. He's leading the monarchy's cool revolution.


HEYYYYYYY! J The Fonz and, inset, Buscemi
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2012
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