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The secret's out....

* WITH filming on the new Wolverine movie delayed by the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, news is leaking out of an all-action plot.

Word is that the storyline will find our adamantium friend suffering from amnesia and trying to carve out a place in the Japanese underworld.

But as he enters the world of the triads, he'll come up against a double whammy of super-villains.

Hugh Jackman's hero will face off against both The Silver Samurai and Viper - both already to known to Marvel Comics fans.

Initial drafts of the script show Viper having quietly secured a role as Japan's Minister of Justice.

Fans know she has a deeper secret than that, having trained with Wolverine at one point with mentor Seraph.

In the meantime, as Jackman heads off to star in Tom Hooper's new version of Les Miserables, director James Mangold is taking the opportunity to fine-tune the script, and had brought in Unstoppable's Mark Bomback.

Bomback has written for Jackman before, and was man behind the script for Deception.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2011
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