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The seasons matter to your tires.

As winter ends, driving becomes a little more fun. However, don't forget that just as it's essential (and mandated by law) to install winter tires for the colder months, it's also important to bring out your all-season tires as soon as the days get warmer.

Why the Change?

"All-season tires have innovative tread patterns that provide optimal handling as the temperatures rise," said tire expert Bill Hume, vice president of Hankook Tire Canada. "Rubber compounds are specially formulated to grip warm pavement and wet roads, making them the right choice for the spring and summer months."

All-Season vs. Winter?

Let's compare an all-season tire, like the Hankook Optimo H725 with a high quality winter tire. The all-season tire offers exceptional driving performance for increased control on dry and wet pavement, and even in light winter conditions. The tread has an increased number of grooves to move water from the tire's path and an advanced rubber compound, which enables the tire to perform through a wide range of temperatures.

A dedicated winter tire is constructed of a specialized rubber compound designed to remain flexible at low temperatures, allowing it to stick to the road and provide improved traction. This rubber compound is suited for temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. Once the weather heats up, a winter tire becomes soft leading to a dramatically decreased ability to grip the road. --WWW.NEWSCANADA.COM


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Date:Jan 24, 2013
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