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The science review article; an opportune genre in the construction of science.


The science review article; an opportune genre in the construction of science.

Noguchi, Judy.

Peter Lang Publishing Inc


274 pages



Linguistic insights; v.17


Noguchi, who teaches English for specific purposes to Japanese university students, considers the theories involved in applying the concept of discourse communities to international science, the considerations of the non-native speaker (NNS) of English within that community, the characterization of a genre in which an alternative rhetoric such as the review article might be able to contribute to the community, and the practical ways to teach better English to NNS science writers. She develops a learning model as she describes discourse communities and scientific genres, nested language structures, the review article and its place in the discourse community and offers a microanalysis of review articles, working toward discourse organization and "move steps" of review articles, review types, writing support concepts and tools, and finally a bridge genre for a more open forum in science.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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