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The science of impact.

THE ability to consistently strike your hybrids and metal woods from the fairway is a very useful skill. Not only does it help you reach the longer holes in fewer shots, the confidence it gives you can really transmit throughout your game.

In order to achieve consistent striking, it is important to understand the science of impact. If you look at the face of most hybrids and metal woods, they have a number of grooves. Therefore (in the same way as your irons), a descending blow into the bottom of the ball is required to get the ball up into the air.

Although, as stated, a descending blow is required, we do not want an overly steep angle of attack as this would cause the ball to shoot out too low. In order to encourage the correct angle of attack, you should place the ball at least two-and-a-half inches to three-and-a-half inches left of centre (for a right-handed golfer) with your hybrids and metal woods respectively.

When it comes to the swing, it is important to make a positive, committed swing, striking down on the ball and turning through to a balanced finish.

If you strike these shots correctly, naturally you will be rewarded with satisfying kinaesthetic feedback as well as a powerful ball flight. Further evidence will be an even, shallow divot pointing towards your target.

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Good luck and happy golfing.

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Publication:Gulf Weekly
Date:Jan 30, 2013
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