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The schizo senator.

The Schizo Senator

Although he's not expecting serious opposition, Sen. Dale Bumpers knows he's up for re-election next year.

Consider the fact that he offered an amendment this summer to cut all funds for the Superconducting Super Collider south of Dallas. The amendment, defeated 62-37, would have deleted the $508.7 million earmarked for the project in fiscal 1992.

In a rare occurrence, Bumpers had the support of the conservative National Taxpayers Union.

Also consider that a week later, Bumpers offered another amendment that would have cut federal funding for the space station by almost $2 billion. That amendment did even worse. It was defeated 64-35.

It also was supported by the National Taxpayers Union.

Just call him Fiscally Responsible Dale.

Yet during the same month, our mail contained releases telling us the senior senator from Charleston had used his influence, wit and charm to obtain:

* $1 million to establish a national center for the study of learning disabilities.

* $8 million for the acquisition of additional land for the Ouachita National Forest.

* $2.7 million for the acquisition of additional land for the Ozark National Forest.

* $3 million to acquire 7,000 acres of land in White County for a national wildlife refuge.

* $1.4 million for something in Fayetteville with the catchy name Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas.

* And more and more and more.

So is he Fiscally Responsible Dale or Dale The Pork Barreler?

How about The Schizophrenic Senator?
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Title Annotation:Dale Bumpers' political activities; schizophrenic
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 9, 1991
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