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The salmon fleet parades and "bathtubs" race in Bodega Bay.

The blessing of the salmon-fishing fleet is the high moment of Bodega Bay's annual Fisherman's Festival, held this year the weekend of April 20 and 21. At several locations around Bodega Harbor, you can enjoy a juried art show, an arts and crafts fair, music, homemade-boat races, and much more.

The sea parade gets underway Sunday morning at 11. Colorfully festooned with streamers, balloons, and flags, nearly a hundred fishing boats will pass in review along the waterfront, then assemble just outside the harbor. Broadcasting over radio and loudspeaker, a priest aboard one boat offers hope for a safe, bountiful season. After, the boats return to port.

Best views are from West Side Park (site of the arts and crafts fair), along the road on Bodega Head, and from Doran Beach near the harbor mouth.

If it's not foggy, you can take the road to parking areas higher up on Bodega Head and follow hiking trails to glorious views of the harbor and the Sonoma coast.

Lodging in the area can be tight. For help with reservations, call (707) 875-3422. If you drive up for a day, come early; roads will be crowded, especially on Sunday.

From San Francisco, take U.S. 101 about 35 miles north to the Bodega Avenue exit in Petaluma. Head west 10 miles, then bear northwest on Petaluma Valley Ford Road and follow signs 18 miles to Bodega Bay. For an events schedule or more information, call (707) 875-3896.
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Title Annotation:Fisherman's Festival
Date:Apr 1, 1985
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