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The roof is also a mattress; this housebed has play space underneath sleeping space.

UNDER HER BED IS where Lauren Sabol likes to play, and since her mattress is 4 feet off the ground, there's plenty of room for a kid-size play area beneath it.

Lauren's grandfather designed and built the freestanding "housebed," which comes apart for moving or flat storage.

A sheet of plywood was used for each end of the structure, as well as for the mattress platform; a full sheet of plywood plus a 15-inch-wide length from another was used for each side.

The most time-consuming part of the project islaying out, drawing, and cutting the windows. Use a saber was to cut out the panes, then round their edges with a router. To complete the bed, you'll also need a circular saw and an electric drill.


6 sheets 3/4-inch plywood 4 6-foot-long 2-by-2s 24 T-nuts for 3/8-inch bolts 24 21/4-inch machine bolts 2 butt hinges for door 1 1/4-inch woodscrews 2-inch finishing nails Wood glue

Rip another sheet of plywood lengthwise into two pieces 15 inches wide and three pieces 4 inches wide. Cut end and side pieces to dimensions shown on plan. Make windows, and cut a 24-by 46-inch door in one side.

To make each side, join a full-width (48-inch) side piece with a 15-inch-wide piece: lay them down and butt them together along the 79-inch side. To hold them together and reinforce them vertically, position a 2-by-2 parallel to each end of the side piece and 3/4 inch in from the ends. Glue and nail each in place.

To reinforce the horizontal joint (and to make platform supports), center, glue, and screw a 4-inch plywood strip between the 2-by-2s; repeat for the other side. Make supports for the end pieces by cutting two 37-inch lengths from the remaining 4-inch strip of plywood; center, glue, and screw each to the inside face of an end piece so its top aligns with the top of the supports on the side pieces.

Bolts and T-nuts join the ends to the sides. The bolts run through six evenly spaced 3/8-inch holes drilled 3/4 inch in from the side of each end piece; they continue through the 2-by-2s secured to the side pieces and into T-nuts set in the 2-by-2s. Assemble the sides and ends. Hang the door from but hinges.

Cut the remaining plywood sheet into a 393/4- by 771/4-inch mattress platform. Notch the corners to fit around the 2-by-2s. Check the fit, then remove the platform and paint the housebed.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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