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The role of the North American Management Council (NAMCO).


The North American Management Council is the regional body through which the Canadian Institute of Management participates in the World Management Council, originally known as the Conseil International pour l'Organisation Scientifique (CIOS).

The World Management Council, founded in 1926, has as its mission, to promote the interchange of management knowledge and experience in industrialized as well as developing countries throughout the world, and it serves as the international clearinghouse for the latest advances in the field of professional management.

NAMCO is the regional arm through which CIM and other CIOS affiliates in Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico and the Caribbean can beneficially relate among themselves and with the leading management institutes and professional associations in thirty-eight countries. Other regional bodies are: European Council of Management (CECIOS); Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO); and Pan American Council (PACCIOS).

The World Council has close working relationships with various international bodies, including the United National Economic and Social Council (UN/ECOSOC), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) and cooperates directly and through its member organizations with international agencies in the implementation of regional and national projects aimed at improving management methods and practices.

NAMCO exists to represent and activate CIOS for the benefit of NAMCO's members. It provides a regional forum and means of communicating, bringing together and coordinating mutual interests of North American organizations concerned with management issues and practices globally.

NAMCO does not duplicate activities of its member organizations, but may assist through collaboration or cosponsorship, when appropriate to do so. Through affiliation in NAMCO, a member organization can gain the advantage of activities which are beneficial but impractical to perform for itself. NAMCO is an outreach of CIOS for representation, communication, coordination and service, and not a layer of organization in the structural or hierarchical sense.

NAMCO will be as useful as its members call upon it to be and as its members support it to be. Member participation in the Board of Directors, in the Officership and in the Management Committee are essential.
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Title Annotation:regional body through which Canadian Institute of Management participates in the World Management Council
Author:Mead, States M.
Publication:Canadian Manager
Date:Dec 22, 1990
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