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The rocky coast of Oman.

Where did you start?

Myself and two friends spent the previous evening in Dibba (Oman) and boarded the fishing boat at 6.30am. It was the end of May and it was already very warm at that time of the day. Along with Nick Bowles, the owner of the Ocean Active business and the boat's skipper, who is called 'FC' (Fish Catcher I guess!) there were five of us on board. We sailed at speed to the Straits of Hormuz and it took an hour. The mountainous scenery was spectacular.

Who caught the first fish?

My colleague Mohamed Zein landed a Black Tip Reef Shark after five minutes of our first cast - how do you top that? After a quick photograph we put him back and he was fine.

We were fishing with heavy duty rods ('Heavy popping gear' it's called) and using big shiny lures. The rods were mounted on a harness around our waists and we had to wear protective gloves to protect against the line cutting our fingers off.

Ouch! Did you catch anything else?

We caught Giant Trevally, a Queen-fish and I landed a beautiful Rainbow Runner, which even FC reckoned he'd never caught. It was just beginner's luck I think. We put all the fish back.

Did you receive any training?

Nick and FC were brilliant and It didn't matter if you were experienced or not, you had to follow their strict safety procedures, particularly when casting from the boat as the hooks are very dangerous. It was all explained and demonstrated in a simple way and we soon got the hang of it.

You must have worked up an appetite. Did you eat on the boat?

We sailed into a small inlet and moored in shallow water. Nick and FC prepared sandwiches and we fished for smaller coral fish and did some snorkelling - it was paradise.

Sounds amazing, how long were you at sea for in total?

We got back to Dibba Port at 2.30pm, so eight hours. It was physically challenging to land the fish in the heat as they are big creatures that put up a fight.

Would you go again?

Tomorrow if I could! It was an amazing trip, great company, great views, a real adrenaline rush catching the fish and a pretty good workout too! We were all soaking wet (with sweat) when we got back. I think the season starts again in September and I'll be sure to get down to Dubai Garden Centre where Ocean Active will be located very soon to book it.

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jul 29, 2010
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