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The road to hell? In my experience it's the A1.

Byline: Alison Craig's Diary EVERY WEEK IS A NEW ADVENTURE

HAD to go down to Newcastle on business on Monday so drove.

Take a deep breath. Down the A1.

Each time I drive this abomination of a road I am flabbergasted that this lumpy, potholed, single carriageway, death highway is our main road to England and the world beyond.

It's a disgrace. The motorway that links us to Glasgow, Aberdeen and even Inverness are all hundred times better than this.

I spent over an hour behind two lorries and a tractor. There was nowhere to overtake. Inevitably, some people's patience just snapped and off they went risking life and limb, theirs and ours, just putting their foot down to get past the seemingly endless long lines of traffic.

Whichever way the referendum goes, links with the southern part of the country are imperative for trade and industry as well as for us mere mortals and the number will just increase over the coming years.

The official figures state "There have been five times as many deaths and twice as many serious accidents on single carriageway sections".

Literally a death trap. So how many other lives will be lost before someone does something about it?


Death trap Why is this potholed nightmare still the main road to England?
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Feb 12, 2014
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