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The road ahead.

Designed specifically for the construction of roads and motorways, and following recent international success with Asphacal TC, Lhoist is planning a UK and Ireland launch of this innovative product.

During road construction, when applying the tack coat between layers of asphalt, there is a danger of damage from tyres and caterpillar tracks of construction vehicles disrupting effective adhesion, thereby reducing the durability of the road structure.

Asphacal TC, a specially formulated liquid lime, is diluted and applied on the tack coat, after it has been applied and 'cracked'. This provides a lower adhesion surface while it is being worked on preventing damage of the tack coat by construction traffic. Adhesion of the subsequent asphalt layer is therefore more complete.

The lower adhesion surface also results in the adjacent road network being less affected by trafficked bitumen residue which would otherwise have transferred from construction traffic tyres to existing road surfaces, often requiring extensive clean-up and remedial work.

Additionally the cleaning of adhered tack coat from road construction vehicles is reduced. In effect Asphacal TC decreases the environmental impact and extends the road life, as well as reducing clean-up costs.

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Date:Sep 1, 2017
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