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The risks of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy occurs when a. girl has sexual intercourse with a " man or a boy and becomes pregnant at a very young age.

There are several reasons why young girls fall pregnant at a very tender age.These include the desire to have sexual contact with a young man or, in many cases, an older man. Sometimes girls have sex at an early age because of the desire to own nice clothes, have enough money to spend as they please, own a fancy cellphone, eat expensive food and being able to drive around in a car.

Poverty and the need to provide for themselves and others in the family also cause teenage girls to get involved in sexual relations with older men.The man would give her money to buy necessities such as clothes, toiletries, maize meal and other food in exchange for sex The sad fact is that some parents or guardians even allow their daughters to get involved in sexual activities at an early age in order to bring food to the table with the proceeds derived from their sexual activities.

Alcohol abuse is also a contributing factor to teenage pregnancies. If a girl wants a beer and she does not have enough money, she would agree to have sex with a sugar daddy in exchange for money to buy the beer Often the result of this careless behaviour is an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI's), if they are not conscious enough to use a condom.

In many cases the man responsible for impregnating a young girl would deny responsibility especially if he is very young, for fear of not having the money to take care of the girl and the unborn baby during the pregnancy or of the child after it is born. If the pregnancy is attributed to a married man, he too would deny it in order to protect his marriage.The girl is thus left alone to fend for herself and her baby. She may encounter numerous problems raising the baby, because it does not have a father to provide money for the daily necessities.The girl's parents, if they are sympathetic, will have to struggle to take care of the baby and the teenage mother

A young girl in this situation may suffer from mental as well as physical strain, always repeating in her mind the words: "Poverty, fatherless, fatherless, fatherless!" She may be compelled to, once again, accept money from an older man in order to sustain her and her baby in exchange for sexual favours.This leads to the perpetuation of the vicious circle as this will only increase her dependency on the man and sets her up for further sexual exploitation. She may even fall pregnant again and is in constant danger of contracting STI's and HIV/AIDS.

Very young girls may experience health problems during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. Because the pelvic bones are often not fully developed, she may need to undergo surgery to have the baby delivered by caesarean section. This can be very traumatic for her Teenage pregnancies also lead to girls dropping out of school at an alarming rate. Some girls find it difficult to return to school after having had a baby because they feel ashamed or they are just too tired to pay attention to their schoolwork as well as look after a baby.This can lead to the end of their school career and to a future of poverty for her and her baby.

Girl child, your future is in your hands, not in the hands of your parents or in that of ruthless men who only want to use you as a sex object! Persist in your education in order to be independent and self-supportive in future, You will have the opportunity to marry and have children in future when you are older and ready for it. Distance yourself from sexual contact with boys and men. Use contraceptives and condoms to protect you from pregnancy and from being infected with STI's,

Remember: you have the right to decide over your own sexuality and reproductive capacity! Use this right wisely!
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