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The right won the culture war?

Judicial Jacobins in Massachusetts have approved homosexual "marriage." An elected chief judge of the highest court in Alabama--the proverbial buckle of the Bible Belt--has been thrown off the bench for keeping a Ten Commandments monument in his court, contrary to a federal court order. Vulgarity, profanity, violence and sex are ubiquitous fare on prime-time television. Popular music extols the pimp as a cultural icon. Yet, according to the establishment "right," conservatives have won the culture war.

What explains this irrationally optimistic view? According to Timothy Noah, a columnist for the on-line journal Slate: "The immediate occasion for conservative jubilation is its victory over CBS in getting it to withdraw its miniseries The Reagans, which had the temerity to suggest that Ronald Reagan was mentally checked out during much of his presidency."

Brian Anderson of the City Paper, a publication of the neo-conservative Manhattan Institute, exults that CBS' decision to spike the miniseries "marks a watershed in America's culture wars.... [T]hanks to a remarkable transformation in mass communications, such left-wing humbug isn't getting a flee pass anymore. Conservatives have long lamented the left's near monopoly over the institutions of opinion and information, which has enabled liberal opinion makers, including television producers, to present their own views as gospel truth and sweep aside ideas and belief[s] they don't like."

Similar rhapsodic victory announcements were published by Robert Bartley of the Wall Street Journal and essayist Andrew Sullivan, a sell-described "conservative Catholic homosexual activist."

FOX News--the signature property of Rupert Murdoch, a CFR member who built his fortune by peddling vulgarity and kowtowing to China--is also cited as an example of conservatism's cultural "victory," as is the fact that the talk-radio market is dominated by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and their ilk. This entire "conservative" media apparatus is little more than an echo chamber for the Bush administration as it leaves our country mired in debt at home and in useless foreign wars abroad.

This is victory?
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Title Annotation:Insider Report
Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 15, 2003
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