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The right way to track customer satisfaction.

Corporate Software is best known as a reseller, but it also operates one of the industry's largest tech support groups, with 100 technicians who handle over 40,000 calls per month. "The primary customer base we're serving is a corporate support organization," says Judy Salerno, director of support services, so service quality "is taken extremely seriously by everyone here."

To monitor the support group's ongoing performance, explains Salerno, Corporate Software has developed a survey process based on two key goals--immediate feedback, and lots of quantifiable data. On a daily basis, Corporate Software mails a personalized cover letter and postcard response form to 60 or 70 randomly selected callers. The surveys ask the customer to rate their technician's performance in five distinct areas,' and also ask if Corporate Software actually solved the problem. "The bottom line is, was their question answered?" says Salerno.

Salerno says the survey generates a response rate of "about 50%," which provides enough data to track the performance of individual technicians as well as the support organization's overall service level. Scores and customer comments are compiled monthly and circulated throughout the company, and individual ratings "account for about 20% of annual performance reviews."

Moreover, Corporate Software now has more than three years of data from the surveys, which Salerno says provides a solid baseline for measuring overall improvements in customer satisfaction:
 1989 1990 1991
Promptness of Response 4.02 4.16 4.39
Courteousness 4.06 4.55 4.66
Helpfulness 4.33 4.33 4.50
Technical Expertise 4.06 4.08 4.31
Communication Skill 4.47 4.39 4.56
Overall Service 4.18 4.29 4.48

Salerno admits that the surveys take a lot of work, but they provide Corporate Software with almost instant warning of service glitches. "We can even tie back our performance scores to individual companies and products, so we know exactly where the trouble spots are," she says.

Judy Salerno, director of support services, Corporate Software, 275 Dan Rd., Canton, Mass. 02021; 617/828-7727.
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Title Annotation:Corporate Software's support services
Date:Nov 30, 1992
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